Day by day Mindfulness…



6th September 2017

This is a guest post I wrote for a different website. It is all about my mindfulness experiences when pregnant with my children many years ago:

Mindfulness worked for me in my pregnancies and labour…even before I knew what it was!


There is more information available here This goes into much more detail about mindfulness in pregnancy and labour. One of my favourite poems (and I still have it on the wall in the kitchen now) is:

I hope my children look back on today,

And see a mother who had time to play.

There will be years for cleaning and cooking,

Children grow up whilst you’re not looking.

So hide away cobwebs, dust go to sleep,

I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep’

This perfectly sums up how I always tried, as much as possible, to stay in the ‘present’ with my children…it’s not just an excuse to leave the housework…it was practising mindfulness to enjoy my children whilst I could!


7th September 2017

The following youtube video shows a very interesting discussion about the positive benefits of teaching our children mindfulness. Really…the question HAS to be why AREN’T we teaching mindfulness to all our children?! We can find more information about mindfulness for our children here and our teenagers and adolescents here.

Little boy looks on the sunset sea landscape

‘Why are we teaching you mindfulness?’ by AnneMarie Rossi


9th September 2017


I went to an amazing concert for the 10th Anniversary for Luciana Pavarotti in the Arena in Verona a few nights ago. It was absolutely mind-blowing to sit in this Roman amphitheatre and enjoy the atmosphere and music. It was mindfulness personified – in that it was such an impression on the senses! It wasn’t a big effort to stay in the present moment when one is experiencing such an amazing evening, but I must admit that in between the singing, when they were interviewing guests about their time with Pavarotti (in Italian – I’m trying to study it, but struggling), I did find myself thinking back to what it must have been like in Roman times and how many people had passed through the arena since then! I think I can be forgiven for not staying in the present for that! Anyway, here’s just a little taste of the first song of the evening, where Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras are singing on stage, with the voice and image of Pavarotti behind them…fabulous! 01-1973-1981

Placido Domingo & Jose Carreras singing with Pavarotti